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Joshua and Zana Conversations (40 of 41) Josh: How sweet! and beautiful you are! And then I went to a place to get food that day and they didn't take the survey coupon number or receipt they advertised! And I still remained in peace! Payed or so-called payed with my free money for the food with the total price supposedly and not the deal or coupon that I was supposedly entitled to and am! either way I won, and was enjoyed that day, because everything was free and always is! Zana: That's great, Josh! so, so, so great! You're always in peace! you always win! always are you full of joy or in the capability of joy! do you ever lose? Josh: If losing means winning, and [if] it means loosing, or being freer and more emptier in the infinitude of emptiness and peace and love and joy and kindness and care and cuddle then yes you could say that with a relative truth! [You can say what you can] [always if or when you can] [you can] [relatively]... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations sweet beautiful place survey number receipt advertised remained called payed money food total price deal coupon supposedly entitled won enjoyed day free zana great win full capability lose josh losing winning means loosing freer emptier infinitude emptiness peace love joy kindness care cuddle relative truth joshua aaron guillory

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