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Joshua and Zana Conversations (6 of 41) There is a Hebrew word for hypocrite, ''caneph'', which means soiled! And I must [or should] note that the word ''Adamah'', which means soil or earth, comes from Adam! [The Hebrew word Adam! The word very similar to that of the Hebrew word Adam!] or so it is said! And in the word ''caneph'' you can see the word ''neph'' which is apart of one of the Hebrew words for ''soul'', ''nephesh''! Esh meaning fire or can mean purity! The pure hypocrite is what we are! The one or ones who play their part rightly! Zana: I play my part rightly! Josh: And so do I! We're the ones who play our part rightly! Zana: I like that you did not limit the word ''soiled'' or ''soil'' to something only bad! as in ruining or corrupting something! [or the so-called bad dirtiness or filthiness, as some would see with Adam or man, and thus the/a hypcrotizing] Josh: Beautiful sight! Beautiful insight!.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations note adamah means earth similar caneph neph hebrew words soul nephesh esh meaning fire purity pure hypocrite play part rightly zana limit word soiled soil ruining corrupting called bad dirtiness filthiness adam man hypcrotizing josh sight beautiful insight joshua aaron guillory

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