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KRISHNAMURTY’S “THEORY OF AWARENESS” Awareness is an internally ever burning urge in oneself to study in-depth details of unlimited ever essential interesting subjects and learn well in advance like health, wealth, prosperity, progress, protection, peace of mind, success, safety, security, science, technology, current affairs, hobbies, financial management and many more subjects required as per the need of the changing age and thoroughly understanding them. Awareness also includes keeping the knowledge of related procedures of all safety precautions to be adopted for preparedness as well as to act rightly in advance to prevent any adversities to keep away all failures and ever climbing steadily the steps of success.
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krishnamurty theory internally burning urge oneself study depth details unlimited essential interesting learn health wealth prosperity progress protection peace mind security science technology current affairs hobbies financial management subjects required changing age understanding awareness includes keeping knowledge related procedures safety precautions adopted preparedness act rightly advance prevent adversities failures climbing steadily steps success

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