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Large muscles tightly closed mouths to onlookers. 1. The winged back will eclipse the sun. 2. The chest will have a big tits, will envy the master. 3 and 4. At the feet, that is, quadriceps and biceps hips: fighting ability, stamped foot, you can break the ground, just as you hit the ground with your hands, a piece of land will fly to the sky and you can kick it like a ball. And do not forget to rock your ass, the woman's gaze will be glad, so they want to play bongo solo on them, he will get his deserved throne, and there will not be a split in the relationship with the girls, all this is not for fun, Cola. 5. Deltas will be like seashells, they with trapezes will be like a lion's mane. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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large muscles tightly closed mouths onlookers winged eclipse sun chest big tits envy master feet quadriceps biceps hips fighting ability stamped foot break hit ground hands piece land fly sky kick ball forget rock ass woman gaze glad play bongo solo deserved throne split relationship girls fun cola deltas seashells trapezes lion mane author musin almat zhumabekovich

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