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Li: Hey, Josh! Josh: Hey, Li! How ya like my poem on molestation? Li: I love it! Josh: Me too! Li: You know poemhunter disabled it? Josh: Why you think they did that? Li: They're unwell! Josh: Oh! Li: Josh, you really put it to me the other day! Josh: I know! And I'm going to do it again! Because I love you! And you're my bitch! My Chinese bitch! Li: I know, I am that i am! or what I am! Your woman and your bitch! And Chinese and I'm proud of it! Josh: Me too! You and it! Li: Joshua, you're always so happy and excited with life! You have a really positive attitude! Josh: Thanks! and likewise! Life is easy and perfect! World peace is the consciousness I am and live in! Li: I love world peace! You are my lord and savior Josh! You are world peace! Josh: You too! so long as you stay in world peace! and you will because you are world peace! Peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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hey poem molestation poemhunter disabled unwell day woman bitch chinese proud happy excited positive attitude life easy perfect consciousness live love lord savior josh long stay world peace joshua aaron guillory

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