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Lied about knowing Putin in front of live TV + asked that Russia hack Hillary on live TV + was overly confident about winning an election that was statistically very unlikely + losing the popular wvote by almost 3 million votes + made up lies about undocumented votes to deflect from reality + spread propaganda without proof that led to FBI interference in a presidential election + ridiculed an investigation into the hacking that would only lead to the truth + assembled a White House team with Russian ties + complete refusal to even consider the possibility of a Russian Hack + made it to the top of the least popular president in history list + announces his plans on nuclear weapons, at the same time Putin announces the same thing + can't get a single reputable artist, in the world, to preform for his inauguration =
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lied knowing front asked russia hillary live overly confident winning statistically losing wvote million lies undocumented votes deflect reality spread propaganda proof led fbi interference presidential election ridiculed investigation hacking lead truth assembled white house team ties complete refusal possibility russian hack top popular president history list plans nuclear weapons time putin announces single reputable artist world preform inauguration

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Espo on January 1, 2017, 12:48 pm
Conspiracy theories are like a nite light for people who live in the dark.

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