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Life; i'm still trying to learn the meaning of life. is it for pain? hurt? agony? sadnes? or happiness? joyful? exciting? or could it be about this so called great thing " love ". like i said, i have no idea yet, i just know that i've felt all those things more than others; emotions not people. yeah, i know, life can be a gift for someone, or it could be a gift covered in faults & disappointments. & i also know that some of us, just don't wanna live. people are cruel, you say you hate the world.. you don't hate the world, you hate the people in it. it starts with one person, then going from that person to the next, & it's like a virus, hatred spreads quickly, & just before you're about to stop it.. you catch it.
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learn meaning pain hurt agony sadnes happiness joyful exciting called great love idea felt emotions yeah life gift covered faults disappointments wanna live cruel world hate people starts person virus hatred spreads quickly stop catch

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