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Life is choice and no choice no pleasure, the best thing is to think positively, the most beautiful thing is to enjoy life, the most important thing is to make changes, the happiest thing is to get married, and the only important thing is to stand alone in life. Life is struggle and no will no way, being sincere in the conviction that correcting one's mistakes is of vital importance for everything, one would be more open to any form of admonition and criticism and would be independent in life. Life is difficult and no hope no change, patience is a matchless key that opens doors to many fine things to always stick to a point of view, and true patience is a moral characteristic displayed in the face of difficulty in life. Life is good and no pain no gain, every hurried action brings forth regret and every regret however small it maybe will hurt the heart, and one who can control oneself while achieving victory will gain a double victory in life.
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choice pleasure positively beautiful enjoy happiest married important stand struggle sincere conviction correcting mistakes vital importance open form admonition criticism independent difficult hope change matchless key opens doors fine stick point view true patience moral characteristic displayed face difficulty good pain hurried action brings regret small hurt heart control oneself achieving gain double victory life

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