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Life is getting easier and easier in the infinitude of easiness! Nothing I present is new, or really new, but the way in which I present it is new, or may be new! Get it! ha-ha! It makes perfect sense if you're wise! just like prudence makes perfect sense! It's prudent to not leave your daughter or son with a known child-molester, except it be with true caution and or protection! It's not wise to let someone in your life who you discern or [innately] know is full of mess or gossip! And [who] just is trying to get info on you to use against you/spread around! But as all things, use prudence whether or not you let someone into your life, family, car, relationship, house or apartment! Love is wise and as the Bible says, ''Knows all things!'' And the things love knows it must bear patiently so much so as to make sacrifices on its wishfulness to love &/ [love] at the highest level! And back to the ''new''! The way in which I present things being new is only relative! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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easier infinitude easiness perfect sense prudent leave daughter son child molester true caution protection discern innately full mess gossip info spread prudence life family car relationship house apartment wise bible bear patiently sacrifices wishfulness love highest level present relative joshua aaron guillory

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