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Life is like a whole day, you start younger age as sparkling morning, you have more energy to manage whole day and you enjoy, you jump and have fun, while noon is start of mature age which is more of responsible and relaxed and in control but still have fun as per your capability. Obstacles are the face of the journey which will make you concerned with anger, don't let this anger to hurt yourself but can be handled with care and relaxed Manner. While you continue your day, Evening is more of relaxing on a beach side with no tensions, enjoying the sunset and realizing that the day is going to end soon with hope. Death is like the time you fall a sleep at night and you won't take anything with you while sleeping and sleep is your life's fulfilled enjoyment. So don't forget to enjoy your day (Life) - © Sandeep Patil
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younger sparkling morning energy manage jump noon start mature age responsible control fun capability obstacles face journey concerned anger hurt handled care relaxed manner continue evening relaxing beach side tensions enjoying sunset realizing hope death time fall night sleeping sleep fulfilled enjoyment forget enjoy day life sandeep patil

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