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“Lovers need saddle to mount on love, life poses when gait, Lovers need rein, its nature rear up emotions in pathways, Indeed steed struggles with stir, sting, oh! love too, a lot, To resist mount by twist, By Allah, to persist with bridles, Leadoff love engaged, life changes by these terrains, To unmounted love by this thuds hooves, worthless dust, one say, dust love, vast vain in these mirage mountains, or scream for relief from strung, prolonged kiss lost, Yet to endure by patience with how life gait to horse, Love in crest and trough, like a cameleer on sandy mountains, Qur'an to saddle, for believers to sit, that prescribe path to love, Hadiths are rein that bridled manner towards lovers from mere beings, True, love struggle with desert as world, but oasis below paradise, peerless paradise comes to lovers by worship to Allah, oh! mate.”
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poses nature rear emotions pathways steed struggles stir sting lot resist mount twist persist bridles leadoff engaged terrains unmounted thuds hooves worthless dust vast vain mirage scream relief strung prolonged kiss lost endure patience life gait horse crest trough cameleer sandy mountains qur saddle believers sit prescribe path hadiths rein bridled manner mere beings true love struggle desert world oasis peerless paradise lovers worship allah mate

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