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Many men & women suffer from Satan consciousness! To understand Satan consciousness you must understand the Hebrew symbols/cellables that make up his name! Shin, Tet & Noon! These three words are transliterations of the three Phoenician-Canaanite/Hebrew symbols of/for Satan! Shin is a picture of teeth & can mean to consume/destroy! Tet is a picture of a snake & can mean time, to bind, to enslave/to bind to time! & Noon/Nun is a picture of a small fish/small water & can mean life, motion, activity/individual life or single/primary focus of something! Many of you are using time, people's history, present condition or future likelihood/outcome, to destroy them/hurt them from their life! Their mission, their purpose, their enjoyment, etc. Many of you are manifesting little Satans! It is interesting to note that Satan just as Sin in Hebrew both contain in the center of their word ''Tet''. As both words see the imprisoning of/to time/one way as destructive to life. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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