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Many times we deal with our fears; the fears from our past, by attempting to influence the future in a way that brings confidence and also rectifies our past by what we suppose to be that of the making, of amends. The problem with this pattern of thought is that often times we as humans render our own past lives and with it the fears we harbored therein; uponst others irresponsibly and haphazardly in an attempt to control outcomes that we perceive to need our intervention. This is dangerous because of the lack of edification in the future and the dynamic nature of life itself which deems that one’s past is likely unrelated to another’s current situation and future. The key to approaching the intervening in others’ lives is to approach with an understanding that there are fundamental truths that may carry over but not all of ones experiences carry over well into others’ lives. If it is not understood that fundamental truths are to be at the core of engagement then one may risk fracturin
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deal attempting influence brings confidence rectifies suppose making amends problem pattern thought times humans render fears harbored uponst irresponsibly haphazardly attempt control outcomes perceive intervention dangerous lack edification dynamic nature life deems unrelated current situation future key approaching intervening approach understanding experiences carry lives understood fundamental truths core engagement risk fracturin

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