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ME and YOU are totally two different beings,with different "VIEWS OF LIFE,LONGINGS AND CRIES." Oh you yes!!!we might PRAY the same God....but unfortunately we'll still remain as two different people....I want you to read this with an open mind and good understanding,I so hope at the end of this you'll have a different view and understanding about "lIFE" Tonight I prayed and thanked God for the half loaf of bread that I picked up next a garbage bin with rat's all over it,Not also forgetting to ask God to give me strength to walk in the streets of Hillbrow on barefoot with blisters on my toes (blisters that no longer pain due to getting used to the pain)to get something to eat for and my sister......Asking God to forgive my irresponsible parents whom had no direction in LIFE and that given in to alcohol,which led me and my 6 year old sister nowhere but in the streets of Hillbrow with nobody(cause I know very well it's not my place to judge them).....I proudly ended of by thanking God for
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totally beings views longings cries pray remain people read open mind good hope view understanding tonight prayed thanked loaf bread picked garbage bin rat forgetting give strength walk barefoot toes blisters longer due pain eat forgive irresponsible parents direction life alcohol led year sister streets hillbrow place judge proudly ended thanking god

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