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Me and you are totally two different beings,with different "VIEWS OF LIFE,LONGINGS AND CRIES." I'm POOR and you're RICH or should I say "well taken care of" but does me being poor give you and your RICH friends the right to make fun of me,call me name's and look down to me??? I walk 10K's(KM)to school with broken shoes and holes underneath,with an empty stomach and also not forgetting how I struggle to carry my books with plastic begs.......Always depending on teachers left over food just fill up my stomach.Knowing very well that,that left overs was gaven to me in order to wash their lunch tins.Than you sure have the nerve to shout out loud in class that "POVERTY IS A CHOICE"while looking at me. Well guess what my dear friend..."LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE"... BUT I GUESS THAT ALSO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO MAKE FUN OF ME. Cause your father drops you off at school with his JEEP Grand Cherokee SRT8 or is it because you wear expensive formal shoes to school that even teachers cannot afford?NO NO
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totally beings views longings cries care poor give rich friends call walk 10k broken holes empty forgetting struggle carry books plastic begs depending food fill stomach knowing left overs gaven order wash lunch tins nerve shout loud class poverty choice dear friend life unpredictable guess fun father drops jeep grand cherokee srt8 wear expensive formal shoes school teachers afford

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