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Mental condition: Condition means ''to say together,'' which means, in relation to me and you, you can only say what I tell you, and I can only tell you what I think [mental]. Condition also means ''stipulation''. Stipulation means ''the commitment or activity to to do something.'' World peace is the activity that I am committed to doing. Condition also means ''behavior.'' World peace affects my behavior. Condition also means ''state' or ''state of mind.'' World peace is where I live. I live in my mind, as all souls do! Condition also means ''social status.'' World peace is affecting how I'm viewed by society, and how society is viewed by me - or how I view society. Therefore I will never be suitable for the workforce, unless the workforce provides me with World peace and the true work to bring about world peace - more fully, that is. World peace is a state where each person lives freely and are able to do what they love. Everything is free, and everyone is free.- Joshua Aaron Guillory
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