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Message from Iblis and Dem 1A (Part 1 of 3) Message from Iblis and Dem about the East Indikas and Arabulas and Chinezees and Blacksons and ahders...... [1 of a zillion] [Welcome to Hell] [If you're seeing this you're........ Iblis and Dem: It's come to my attention that the East Indikas And Arabulas and the Chinezees don't think that life and morality and the rules of the game apply to them! And also the Why tees! Oceanas Peacanas: Yeah, they think they can hide behind dem computer screens, look into private cameras and televisions and get dem a lil laugh while watching other people in theyer homes and cars and things like thayatt! Iblis and Dem: And the Blackson's den joined dem as well! They don't believe in that World war three stuff! They think happy-go-lucky-ducky is the only thangzzz that exists! - Oglibadogli Rabibiekneewee
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part message blacksons ahders zillion hell attention east indikas arabulas chinezees life morality rules game apply tees oceanas peacanas yeah hide computer screens private cameras televisions lil laugh watching people theyer homes cars thayatt iblis blackson den joined dem world war stuff happy lucky ducky thangzzz exists oglibadogli rabibiekneewee

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