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MLM stands for Multi – Level Marketing, which today is a popular worldwide phenomenon. Although, the major disadvantage of this is that due to its growing popularity, the cases of fraud are growing as well. Day in and day out we come across one MLM advertisement or the other that mentions a new company coming into existence. With this there has come a need to understand how to be more careful about MLM companies mentioned even on best of the MLM classified websites. But before we go ahead, for the benefit of a few, here’s something about MLM. MLM or Multi – Level Marketing,is also known as network marketing, referral marketing, peer to peer marketing, relationship marketing and also word of mouth marketing. It actually deals with direct selling per say. It is an industry where one can start a business independently by sharing and promoting products and services to consumers and making these consumers their sellers hence forth. Some of the biggest MLM companies in India and around the w
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stands today popular worldwide phenomenon major disadvantage due popularity cases fraud growing day advertisement mentions company coming existence understand careful mentioned classified websites benefit multi level network referral peer relationship word mouth marketing deals direct selling industry start business independently sharing promoting products services making consumers sellers biggest mlm companies india

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