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(Money 1/16) I want and feel I need to deal with the subject of money! I said in a quote, which you can find on searchquotes, that ''Money is a necessary evil that is no longer necessary!'' That means that money, due to the capitalistic construct that men have created and currently live in, is necessary! But relative to nature, how she has provided for us bountifully, we don't need a system of money! There's enough resources for everyone to have and enjoy! One of the sins of Communism, as we find in certain sects of Communism, is to think to fix men on a certain income! That is, to think that if, for instance, $50,000 was the fixed income, as we currently see it [the value of $50,000, that is, which is ever-changing or inconstant] everybody should be bound to that! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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