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(Money 4/16) And there is a reason why the Greek word ''arguros'' has a ''u'' or Greek ''upsilon'' in it! Because the Greek upsilon, which derives from or is related to the Canaanite/Hebrew ''Vav'' which is a nail, has to do with being attached to something! & also, a nail can be looked as something that adds! When a house is being built nails are added to boards, for instance, to build & help sustain the house! So increasing/expanding money, which we sometimes do with its value'', is apart of money & the love of money! The term ''philos'', the Greek word for love, was bound to be attached to money, since of course money itself is rooted in attachment, something we must be attached to in order for it to exist! or sustained! That of course doesn't mean silver doesn't exist, or that paper doesn't exist, but the value we give to it as a definite or ever-changing thing, it's cost/price/worth is the made-up intention or value! The falsity/false thing! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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reason arguros upsilon derives related canaanite hebrew vav nail looked adds built nails added boards instance build sustain house increasing expanding term philos greek word love bound money rooted attachment attached order sustained silver paper exist give definite changing cost price worth intention falsity false joshua aaron guillory

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