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Music. Music inspires me, my heart like a flower blooming. Music circling higher and higher, the solution somewhere in the sky. It sounds in the song of rain, in the rustling grass. Blow wind, thunder loud fanfare, clouds heavy reels, it's thunder. And suddenly broke the silence, and did not hear a whisper of rain. And revived the earth, the song sounds of celebration. After the storm and thunder, flute sings softly. Seven rainbow notes appeared on the horizon. The sky lit up, sounded muse celebration. Starting a new life and love. It is sung in the gardens of flowers. Oh, ocean color, noise that happiness forever. And everyone's heart with us, their own music. She is voiced and fun it is sad and dreary. You are the creator of his music, which sounds in your soul.
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inspires flower blooming circling higher solution rustling grass blow wind loud fanfare clouds heavy reels suddenly broke silence hear whisper rain revived earth song storm thunder flute sings softly rainbow notes appeared horizon sky lit sounded muse celebration starting life love sung gardens flowers ocean color noise happiness heart voiced fun sad dreary creator music sounds soul

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