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My calculation says it's you and my heart and instinct too. I know it's the same for you too. I believe in your instinct more than mine.Because you were the one who loved me when nobody even bothered to talk to me. Just think what made you get the instinct that it was me? What made you help me? I feel there's some strong bondage between us. My mom said you will be given to someone who will resemble your dad. And I find my father in you. I dont need a rich man but i think i want someone who understands my pain.Just remember it was that feeling of love that made you smile at me. That smile of your's may not seem beautiful to others but it changed my life and I think only you will have the power to save me. Normal people themselves fall blindly in love for no reason and call themselves as soulmates. There are people who have so many crushes and are filled with only lust. But I find you more understanding than my own parents. I feel our compatibility is amazing. You understand me in my sil
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calculation heart loved bothered talk instinct strong bondage mom resemble dad father rich man understands pain remember feeling smile beautiful changed life power save normal fall blindly love reason call soulmates people crushes filled lust find understanding parents feel compatibility amazing understand sil

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Kruthika on May 21, 2016, 11:59 pm
 Silence and my words too. And finally you make me cry only when I'm happy. What more do I want? I feel only you have that maturity that nobody else have. May be you don't feel the same now but I know that it's latent. That hidden love will rise. I feel it. I know you've fallen in love. I think you can't live a life with the same feeling with another woman. Because your soul loves me. And your the man behind my happiness and success. That's why I took this decision.

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