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My Heart sank down, like all of my love going down in a quicksand, that can hide a soul faster than any devil. My heart was pounding louder than a bulldog barking at a trespasser that has been looking to steal something from him for days. My heart was beating faster than a cricket chirping at mid-night that just lost all of his luck from crossing a one laned road, with no cars driving on it. My eyes were repeatedly getting pushed out by the large tears, that were bigger than any hurricane, that anyone has ever experienced. My body was then covered with my own tears, like if a dam had just cracked from the inside of my body, and just split out, cause there wasn’t hard enough walls to block it. My head was going crazy of knowing that my heart was vanishing with a very sad trace. That it was all that my heart could take, that it just let the wind take it far into a dark and solemn place. Now nothing inside my chest, with the harsh feeling of emptiness and loneliness, like every single thi
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sank love quicksand hide soul devil pounding louder bulldog barking trespasser steal days beating faster cricket chirping mid night lost luck crossing laned road cars driving eyes repeatedly pushed large bigger hurricane experienced covered tears dam cracked body split wasn hard walls block head crazy knowing vanishing sad trace heart wind dark solemn place chest harsh feeling emptiness loneliness single thi

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