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My Land My Soul Hang on, Palestine Are we heading out of home in out of fear? Where are my legs to stand against enemies's flag on our land? Where are my fingers to hold a gun and crawl to front? Let my heart boil, Let me die in pieces with a land to be buried, A decision for freedom in wave of defence, A bed of fear is an paradise of defeated, A barren land with cowardice of giants, To be a fount of ink in written by blood is better, For my land like my soul ripped out, My land my soul, For America never gives a pace even if snoring, And no Louisiana for stockpiles by his power, Maqdis like a sky never to be grappled with God, No shall a lion gives its tail in day!
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hang palestine heading home legs stand enemies flag fingers hold gun crawl front heart boil die pieces buried decision freedom wave defence bed fear paradise defeated barren cowardice giants fount ink written blood ripped land soul america pace snoring louisiana stockpiles power maqdis sky grappled god lion tail day

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