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My last day to see your face to feel your presence against me to see your blue eyes and let you know in silence I love you and I'm miss you who said this had to come to a end? That answer is another bridge I would have to take yet I am not ready because over and over you have hurt me and yet feels like you killed me you ignore my love and look at my virginity and yet I sit here deep in my tears until today now you will be gone and I will no longer live this empty road yet I will miss you as much as I do my childhood but you stay in my past and the chamber has been shut and no one will enter as long as my heart is okay I do not need you
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day face feel presence blue eyes silence answer bridge ready hurt feels killed ignore love virginity sit deep tears today longer live empty road childhood stay chamber shut enter long heart

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Writerforlife45 on May 20, 2016, 11:52 am
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