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My life story has a twist in change I wake up everyday assuming that it's a sunny day I look beyound behalf I don not behalf a tear nor shall I I spread my smiles to others and only think of the happiness of this dearing girl that is next to me I care about my story and my world and mainly the ones I love to the strangers I can only say Hi and I am not a judge person I come from a woman as virgin mary and I see no waste in happiness and dreadful world is a miserable life only if you decide to step in no matter what I still feel in love with myself
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twist change wake everyday assuming sunny day beyound don behalf tear spread smiles dearing girl care story strangers judge person woman virgin mary waste happiness dreadful world miserable life decide step matter feel love

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Writerforlife45 on May 13, 2016, 7:33 am
This girl in me has new eyes I see the clear and not the rough I see my writing and I see my god

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