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My Very Own Creator is Love, and Love is My Creator. My Creator is Good, Loving, Kind, Gentle, Soft, Forgiving, Soothing, Comforting, Mighty, Resilient, Hopeful, and I am One with My Very Own Creator. I am My Creator because I am One with My Creator and My Creator is One with Me. My Creator Loves me with an Everlasting Love and Goodness, and I Love my Creator with all of My Heart. My Creator is the Complete Expression of Love, and I am One with that Love, and that Love is Me. My Creator is Compassionate and Kind, will never punish me, will never judge me, will never condemn me. My Very Own Creator is Everything that is Good and Intertwined with Me.
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loving gentle soft forgiving soothing comforting mighty resilient hopeful loves everlasting goodness heart complete expression love compassionate kind punish judge condemn creator good intertwined

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