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Nazism, racism, fascism and chauvinism Caucasians. It is not motivated, groundless, nothing unnecessary and meaningless phenomenon. Representative Mongoloid and Negroid race of people ask for what you nenavidesh our brother, we are people just like you, we really are no different from you. And he says, I do not know, I just hate all, fuck off, begins to send to hell, and throws out a whole bunch of their unwarranted aggression, ie Nazi-racist insults. When they ask him the same question why do you insult us why nenavidesh, there are other nations and races. This fascist does not know why, and therefore can not explain myself, and everything becomes clear what this whole Nazism and racism, in fact besmyslenno. Because such a person, he throws his unmotivated aggression. Nobody even he does not know why he hated other nations and races. Nazism and racism is actually besmyslenno, and should be eradicated from the earth is destroyed, once and for all. Because on Earth, must be peace in the
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fascism chauvinism caucasians motivated groundless unnecessary meaningless phenomenon representative mongoloid negroid race brother people hate fuck begins send hell bunch unwarranted nazi racist insults question insult nenavidesh fascist explain clear fact person throws unmotivated aggression hated nations races nazism racism besmyslenno eradicated destroyed earth peace

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