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Never have I met my equal my better until you. We say things in anger but take the rest for granted. I have never quit you. Yes, said it many times but never have. I simply love all of you. I do. Don't be afraid. It's truth I promise. Let me right so many wrongs I really can. My love for you knows no boundaries. I leaned on you so hard and you never faltered like the rest. But I can't do it alone. And neither can if we don't start looking at positives instead of what we are doing wrong. Doing a lot right too that doesn't get discussed. Seeing you in that hospital bed vulnerable only reconfirmed what I already knew. Your the one. Get your shit straight and don't fuck this one up or you regret it forever. You are my other half of me. I not ashamed to say I need you and want you in my life. Tell all listeners. Trust me and we can do this don't let doubts creep in. Don't. Forget negatives discuss positives and let's do this...we are right here! So close. All my life I knew there was someth
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met equal anger granted quit times simply afraid truth promise wrongs love boundaries leaned hard faltered rest start wrong lot discussed hospital bed vulnerable reconfirmed shit straight fuck regret ashamed listeners trust doubts creep forget negatives discuss positives close life knew someth

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