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Never I gaze upon moon but today I see a ripen moon. For my heart buried in pages of books seeking science in what Allah bestowed man for liberty not worship man. Am electrify to this fair meek in Library but she not regard me, I opened window to her musk to sublimed my knowledge now, yet counterpart left me to darkness where I wallow in sorrow of her swift beam that attached nor enliven, wow, left my heart under pebbles of loneliness, she fade to wick burn, My love at a glance not to an arrow swooshes in dark to lost, for beneath love, deen that leaves indelible love in ray when one patience in what trill desire to stick to deen unlost, To a believer wishes transpose real when submitted to Allah solely, And my shabby heart, ember love shall be regarded when lofty again By Him, I prostrate in love to who created both to seek ascertain.
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gaze today ripen moon buried pages books seeking science bestowed liberty worship man electrify fair meek library regard opened window musk sublimed knowledge counterpart darkness wallow sorrow swift beam attached enliven wow left pebbles loneliness fade wick burn glance arrow swooshes dark lost beneath leaves indelible ray patience trill desire stick deen unlost believer wishes transpose real submitted allah solely shabby heart ember regarded lofty prostrate love created seek ascertain

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