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Next time you see an Arab or East Indian, you give them a hug and or a kiss! Sometimes they just need love! They need love to see love! to be love! To free love! we love to need love to see love to be love bug dove wove of thove haha! seriously! Next time you see Khabib or a Khabib put him in a loving headlock and you tell him, ''I love ya, brother!'' Keep your head up! And let Tupac know you care! weeeee weeee weral;jflkajljeweraereeee deeee peee peee beee beeetle! - Joshua Aaron Guillory (Joshua Aaron Guillory and Quality Quotes]
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arab east indian give hug kiss free bug dove wove thove haha time khabib loving headlock love brother head tupac care weeeee weeee weral jflkajljeweraereeee deeee peee beee beeetle joshua aaron guillory quality quotes

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