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No mercy. Everything was as usual, people went to bed in a hurry who work on the cases. You can not wake up and do not return. Unaware of what you see in the last radiance of the sun, Star shine, the light of heaven, the beloved eyes. And what a life, your fate, at a time can be solved. Who gave them the right, evil among us. What are you raise your hand, you're peaceful house explodes and in them because children and old people. You're doing good there, sow evil, you want to be intimidated. Among the crowd you go looking around, and you know that explode himself. And all around flared, flaming fire, and will cry, deadly groan. Ask the question, who are you? You Satan, the devil incarnate. Not knowing is not for someone, you're a secret war. You announced it himself, embarked on a peaceful earth. You sow grief, shed blood of the innocent. What will happen next, you do not know. You, and austere your mother gave birth, you are loved and caressed. She raised you for good, did not sleep a
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mercy usual bed hurry work cases wake return unaware radiance sun star shine light heaven beloved eyes life fate time solved raise hand house explodes children people evil intimidated crowd explode flared flaming fire cry deadly groan question satan devil incarnate knowing secret war announced embarked peaceful earth sow grief shed blood innocent happen austere mother gave birth loved caressed raised good sleep

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