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No whisper of color in Kiblah In house of evil, death serve We are human to belief Water care no of racism in its source Wind blows in every origin of man While sun keeps its smile on us In a journey to a jungle, thou lost Unknown wilds take your smile Now you all sing in death Lost children weeping for home Hope in it, disappear rain of love You challenged nature and scare of me There shall be no rest in thought of yours No city for hands of you Your soul shall be tear in your act Trembling in your shadow keep them awake All state folds arms of changes To hold enemies of Rome in day Fall in silent of night Who shall host party on next war His grip in voice mailed from economy United fall on black horse All mashed on him in scare Unto who next wipe of command To hold a pearl in surprise of fall
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whisper color kiblah house evil serve human belief water care racism source wind blows origin man sun journey jungle thou unknown wilds smile sing death lost children weeping home hope disappear rain love challenged nature rest thought city hands soul tear act trembling shadow awake state folds arms enemies rome day silent night host party war grip voice mailed economy united black horse mashed scare wipe command hold pearl surprise fall

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