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Nor For Colour But Exist All walking from a single mother, Yet we're all smiling of our different colours, All we see our culture and yet we are living in the enclave, I saw the whites in the market, All with elements of expression, Am a window of a single world with cities, I can see the black with his flowers in a garden, Watering it for the white to see something, Indeed, New York see it as a city, And Mecca bring all to one nation, For Qur'an see as a rainbow bridge to Haji, Brother, tell me if the shape of our heart is different, Father tell me if because their eyes are blue, brown Does that make it not to be sense? Oh! If you see me as blackfire, tell me if white graves are the moon of fire, For our womb is the same, And our women in kitchen for the same, You see village in a state, And state is run by them, For their hands are mold for heat to cold in shape, The men in suit, the men in the farm, Nailed down feet and mouth in needs, Nor for colour but to exist.
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walking mother smiling colours culture living enclave whites market elements expression window single world cities black flowers garden watering york city mecca bring nation qur rainbow bridge haji brother heart father eyes blue brown sense blackfire white graves moon fire womb women kitchen village state run hands mold heat cold shape suit men farm nailed feet mouth colour exist

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