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Nor that my love to bubbles emit to vapour that fade away to tiny layer in vast sky, or wick lit natured to be sorrow with ugly air, Unclinged love in mirror, watchful eyes of darkly, To lose my love to purge soul in creature, When death drag soul, red dry, nervewires sag, body in terror, My heart could live years to scarecrow in obscure if you reject me without a trial in lab of love, my tear! Do let my soul awaited after wandering for hope for my seeking to your heart so my earth drenched to sprout green nature in me before dusk shroud me away to those who engraved world in memories of kiddo, So my deen never end upon me alone, my beloved, So my path remained while feet in faith prostrated.
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bubbles emit vapour fade tiny layer vast sky wick lit natured sorrow ugly air unclinged mirror watchful eyes darkly lose purge creature death drag red dry nervewires sag body terror live years scarecrow obscure reject trial lab love tear soul awaited wandering hope seeking heart earth drenched sprout green nature dusk shroud engraved world memories kiddo deen beloved path remained feet faith prostrated

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