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Not believing in world peace will create sadness. Believing that people go to hell when they die will create sadness. Believing everything is not perfect the way it is - the way it is happening, has happened and will happen, as one - will create or manifest sadness. World Peace consciousness of immortal life in the flesh as well as a perfect life in the afterlife or next life of heaven will take away sadness, at least the sadness of regret. Everybody will be like the person you love or would have missed. Everybody will be in acceptance with love and world peace. By that time we'll be able to go into other dimensions and other dimensions come to us at will. Gladness or sadness, you choose? I choose world peace. Happiness! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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people hell die believing happening happened happen create manifest consciousness immortal flesh perfect afterlife life heaven regret person missed acceptance love time dimensions gladness sadness choose world peace happiness joshua aaron guillory

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