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Oh! death nor be superior in defeat Death nor be superior in defeat, still most say your ability and fearful, ruin to love, bud or mature, By palaces you cast, home wind to softsand in hell tour, how sad his companions feel, oh! how runt is death, am sure relax copy snore, you're adhered fate to all created. Delight we're, you're forever passageway to Muslim come, Scarely our array men to come, in you all man shrouded, Slave you're, subjected to Allah you act indeed! death come, Oh! how fearful death to fate if one die in unfaith? Prayerful being prostrated to meet Allah before sun encased, Life so long to Pinky finger, hereafter immortalise in faith, To meet Allah great, to see Prophets honour, drag me death ahead, Life to shorter to grave, death to flash, man reward when awake, And death slit mid hell and eternal, lunge to ram, you exist no more.
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superior defeat ability ruin love bud mature palaces cast home wind softsand tour sad companions feel runt relax copy snore adhered created delight passageway muslim scarely array men shrouded slave subjected act fearful fate die unfaith prayerful prostrated sun encased long pinky finger immortalise faith meet allah great prophets honour drag life shorter grave flash man reward awake death slit mid hell eternal lunge ram exist

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