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OH EVE, OH Eve, WHAT A TANGLED WEB YOU WEAVED!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh Eve, Here Are Two Words That End In Your Name You Activated Them, And LIFE Was Never The Same!! "Woman", You Were Called In EDEN, And NEVER "Eve", Your Name Was First Called, AFTER You Were Deceived!! For This Forbidden Fruit Your Heart Did Yearn, You Even Convinced Adam, To Take His Turn! To Be Like A God, You Were Led To Beli(eve), But Your Position In Eden, God Opted To Reli(eve)! The Woman, The Man They both Passed Around The Blame, "Satan Was The One Who Used Us, To Play His Deceptive Game!" "ENOUGH!" Said God, "NOT Another WORD!" One By One On Them, His Judgement Conferred! "Serpent, On Your Belly You Will Now Crawl", "No More Are You Fit, To Walk Upright At All!" "You Will Always Bruise The Heels of This Woman's' Seed!" "And They Will Do To You As They See Accordingly, Indeed!" "Woman, You'll Feel So Much Pain When You're Giving Birth!" "Man, Your Food You'll Slave For, From The Soil Of The Earth!" Now, So Much P
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tangled web weaved words activated life called deceived forbidden fruit heart yearn convinced adam turn led beli position eden opted reli eve passed blame satan play deceptive game god word judgement conferred serpent belly crawl fit walk upright bruise heels seed woman feel pain giving birth man food slave soil earth

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