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"Oh! famous are presidents when presided over states, Time talks about caliphs in good, and rotten dynasty too, Few writers renowned for their best century, nowadays, articulation of Qur'an is ever the best while applying too, tongues soft to wool when enlighten, soul lead best, many tongues twist when shift to rift ties, treaty to worst, know baneful are locked up in expire dusk, never to be sense again, most, All merchants are popular in their way by possession, anyhow, reward ascend as bird soar and douse by its deeds, skills, let me be righteous among men who famous to angels by Quran while applying good deeds by honour quills scrolls by among scripts Am delight by rustle of quills on scrolls by honour angels written, Oh! Allah your slave delight reviving this pleasures till death rushes, All creatures with possession, Qur'an is to Muslims, All possession intercede for owner, unexampled is Qur'an among others.
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presidents presided states time talks caliphs rotten dynasty writers renowned century nowadays articulation soft wool enlighten soul lead tongues twist shift rift ties treaty worst baneful locked expire dusk sense merchants popular reward ascend bird soar douse skills righteous men famous quran applying good deeds scripts rustle quills scrolls honour angels written allah slave delight reviving pleasures death rushes creatures muslims possession intercede owner unexampled qur

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