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Oh! How Shall I define my root? I do not love you to that of bud cotton of spring, That sprout up by a the fair dew of sky or its glittering and rivet wayfarers by it spread. I love you to that which hold the root of the cotton. I love as that of part that never blossoms but by its root firmly in believe soul of that earth, For I love you to root that absorbs by its own deen, Sturdy enough to wait for sandstorm of world to pass. Oh! I love for that boll buds to spread, here and there, I love you honestly, without stint in condition of time, So I love to that of Prophet Muhammad that root: by His patience with dates and water, for so close is paradise to us, I root not of deviant path.
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define bud spring sprout fair dew sky glittering rivet wayfarers hold cotton part blossoms firmly soul earth absorbs deen sturdy wait sandstorm world pass boll buds spread honestly stint condition time love prophet muhammad patience dates water close paradise root deviant path

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