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Oh! you listen to nature of okra love, you believers, Have seen a hand struggling with okra soup, as a townier, Then drawn from hand to bowl when one raises, So some love drawn to okra soup when together, Some love so vast to okra soup as sea for spouse indeed, Drawn from heart yet remain adhered to memory till death, while you strive when plopped into this life, you weak to thread, That your life swing to pendulum far from rescueth, But up again, restore the strive between two lover, breath , Nor shall man leaves what drawn in food because of its nature, For patience with another, is part of faith, By good you sought, clean the bad from eyes of twister, Nor shall a man leaves woman viz, for nor hand leaves okra, Patience with one another till, unite till death before Allah.
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listen believers struggling townier bowl raises love vast soup sea spouse heart remain adhered memory plopped weak thread life swing pendulum rescueth restore strive lover breath drawn food nature part faith good sought clean bad eyes twister man woman hand leaves okra patience unite death allah

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