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On Spider's Back Oh! father, let's rise for a nation, Which stand as a rainbow of honour, So we can fight with darker cloud on state, And live in peace. Oh! mother, Oh! mother, There is a tree of life rooted in your womb, For the green buds on it, where under it we wear blue together and wait for berries to ripe. Oh! my brother resist the evil not me, And hold my hands of hope to change, For are nation as one, A break from me rolls my tear, Behold, enemies in scout for we to depart, And deprive our breath, Hold me with love and fight, In selfless acts to move to zenith. For a nation with equity we stand, Where people free and sight as white, And all rise against the stain, Let's rise! Let move! And live as spider young on it back, And State take us to shore of peace.
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father rainbow honour darker cloud mother tree life rooted womb green buds wear blue wait berries ripe brother resist evil hands hope change break rolls tear behold enemies scout depart deprive breath hold love fight selfless acts zenith nation equity stand people free sight white stain rise move live spider young state shore peace

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