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On the way of life I was always blown.... partially floated and half drown... On all the situations only anger shown.. I thought I was owner of the throne. .. Suddenly a wave brought up the Light.. All lost tactics I managed them right... Now yester Dark but morrow bright... All it gave no reason to part in Fight... Days were busy so the same were night My conscience lead me to a new height. All it added to a single chaos... Everyone apart even old fellows... A butterfly came on the flower of mine.. It seemed to me forevers dine... Not to reduce hunger but to give shine.. But all my expectations fumed with the count of Just nine....
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life blown partially floated drown situations anger shown thought owner throne suddenly wave brought light lost tactics managed yester dark morrow bright gave reason part fight days busy night conscience lead height added single chaos fellows butterfly flower forevers dine reduce hunger give shine expectations fumed count

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