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Once they crawled and were loved, and would smile sigh, work, and play with dreams and desires they were also on fire, but forgetting their life would one day retire. The field is so large as they now lay in their graves, who on earth would ever think they would lay without a thought, from those they once knew. Poor sad souls they were just men who never took more time to be with neighbors, and friends or their heavenly creator, and became every sick and weary on to death, which took hold on them as their invader. From dust to dawn their memories fade, and all that remains are just a few dry bones with a very small stone, which marks their names. Pray you don't act the same as someone too will stand at your plot and stare and say, " who are you?"
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crawled loved smile sigh work play dreams desires fire forgetting life day retire field large graves earth lay thought knew poor sad souls men time neighbors friends heavenly creator sick weary death hold invader dust dawn memories fade remains dry bones small stone marks names pray act stand plot stare

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Depressed_fangirl05 on July 3, 2017, 3:13 pm
Yeesh, that's so sad!!!

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