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One soul is lost that can not smell fragrance of musk, For death like a wick loses oil while the night comes, And leaves eyes to wandering, lonely in eyes of dusk, O! while heart dry but memories leaves one to tears, What a ship without mast, what a sailor and crews in fear, Left alone in this crest and trough of this world, When sunken to seabed, rip off to living and possession to pier, And those who found what adore take it as theirs to owned, O! man desire to be portray when wind shaken its body, To impact on world to others passerby of this bridge, So entire glory might not be a drop to sea to nobody While its seed grow and mature for reap and abide, So last for offspring to seek from Allah to forgive, As long the day passes through night in time.
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soul lost smell fragrance musk death wick loses oil wandering lonely eyes dusk heart dry memories leaves tears ship mast sailor crews fear left crest trough sunken seabed rip living possession pier adore owned man desire portray wind shaken body impact world passerby bridge entire glory drop sea seed grow mature reap abide offspring seek allah forgive long day passes night time

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