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One thing I can say about enlightenment is that you discover & find things that you can't/feel you can't express in the most agreeable/exact words that will be understood by the status quo! especially your initial, first/main enlightenment! As the first one always is! There's a verse in the Bible where Paul says, I was caught up to heaven & saw things that were not lawful for man to utter! & that doesn't just mean that there wasn't a vibratory frequency/sound frequency/language, or that he couldn't find the right words to express, but that society, government, religion/people of those traditional/cultural backgrounds will not allow certain truths/ways of communicating/communicating of those truths to be allowed! In other words, society doesn't understand/allow themselves to understand certain great & deep & even simple revelations! It's so much stuff that I've been wanting to share/reveal to people that is not lawful/permittable to the status quo/way of thinking!- Joshua Aaron Guillory
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