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Our king, let me unveil jealousy this daylight, When you're drenched with red toxic by cup, moon's eyes of palace, pleasure of pearls, might, And your sire face with black veil coverup, O! while you holding sword dangling, hear oppugn!, From mid of subjects, crowd, princes, be it slave, suddenly you hear scratchy by this noon, by truth, sire felt your world be taken to grave, heart trembles to a thread dances in wind, now know your sire be an impotent by the veil, Swiftly by your hand exert, and nations swim in red, Worldly things are worldly night wrong jealousy mind, Oh! sire unveil and attune to Allah who bethrone you, Patience with whispers of things by bed or chair who cue.
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king daylight drenched toxic cup moon eyes palace pleasure pearls face black coverup holding sword dangling oppugn mid subjects crowd princes slave suddenly hear scratchy noon truth felt world grave heart trembles thread dances wind impotent veil swiftly hand exert nations swim red worldly night wrong jealousy mind sire unveil attune allah bethrone patience whispers bed chair cue

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