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"Ourselves 100% , 100% ourselves to the ones you love or the one's worth to receive you. In all truth no given word is good but your own goodness that's not tought or herd, deep down all no goodness in truthful words. We just combat what we think we don't deserve in doing so you don't see good. Know you deserve truth and you are deserving of goodness from all other's. So I ask you "But what do you speak of to give yourself to, offer to what
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100 love worth receive word tought herd deep truthful words combat good deserve truth deserving goodness speak give offer

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Klaatu on January 2, 2018, 10:01 am
Good question. I often wonder if balance doesn't exist anywhere other than within an individual "perception" of "perspective." Without one, the other would not exist, retrospectively, chaotically, peacefully, theoretically, ambiguously, or only if it be anonymously.. possibly. I do not know. That is fundamentally philosophy, which may be perceived as a rhyme musically. What if perception and perspective were nothing more than unnecessary interruptions in an eternity of our non-existence? Like a bone to the neanderthal, words are our tools of communication of thought, expression of feelings, and simply asking why, I suppose. Nevertheless my friend, your style, your flow, and creative thought are original, and powerful. Your perspective of perception has expanded my own, regardless of what either of us, or anyone else chooses to o believe, deny, or ignore. You have my word on that. What else is there for me to offer?

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