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Part 1 Look at this creation of the universe from him that a superficial vicious animal vision blind eyes open at: instinctively cynical and greedy-fascist vision, he has a very large head, and a series of lined eyes, those eyes are the levels of thinking, that is, levels of awareness understanding, from the lowest level of thinking called: revenge and selfishness. For a higher level of awareness called: disinterested generosity, self-sacrifice, love, happiness, peace, light, and other feelings associated with only good and light. Last eyes see everything all to hear, to understand everything is directly overhead, it is a direct relationship with the cosmos, with higher beings in the highest world, the higher the true reality, there is also a compassionate and righteous justice, endowed with endless deep insight, the eye is clearly sees all the nuances and everything sees sees higher and deeper. With increasing level of intelligence only by understanding and awareness, opens the eyes w
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part creation universe superficial vicious animal blind open instinctively cynical greedy fascist vision large head series lined levels lowest thinking revenge selfishness called disinterested generosity sacrifice love happiness peace feelings good light hear understand overhead direct relationship cosmos beings highest world true reality compassionate righteous justice endowed endless deep insight eye nuances sees higher deeper increasing level intelligence understanding awareness opens eyes

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