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Part 1 Probably this is the most important trick of the Lord God. The fact that he wishes to remain incognito like that no one knew how it looks in reality. From that and many religions: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism. But all these religions, all these very real way in the world, lead to the same God. Also, his trick is to position yourself so if it is not in fact, and only the true will always believe in it, and will be forever faithful to him, for which he thanked them in the highest degree, that is, in his kingdom, they seemed much more More happy than on land, so the benefits of the garden the envy of any hedonist atheist who forever will burn in hell. All what he wants from you, so that you just simply give up everything that is connected with evil, and all that is connected with sin, and that you have risen to the very true way in the world: religious, so that you fully gone into religion, for the sake of your own self good, it's just what he wants from you. After al
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